James Gregory

I have been a below knee amputee since 1953 and have worn several different types of artificial limbs.

In 1990 as I was experiencing severe discomfort with the artificial limb I had been wearing I met with Richard Bray and explained the problems I had when walking for any considerable length of time. He then constructed an artificial limb for me working patiently to fit this leg so that I was afforded a maximum amount of comfort.

Thanks to the attention and service that I received at Bray Orthotics &…


Sean O'Neill

Richard Bray has been my prosthetist for the last four and one half years. I sought his services out because I was highly displeased with the services of another provider.

He has always placed a great deal of emphasis on the comfort and reliability of the prosthetic devices, which he has fabricated for my use. As I am legally blind and not able to see problems as they occur he has always told me not to hesitate to contact him for any problems or questions that I may have. He…


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